We are excited to extend a sponsorship opportunity to our brand supporters. We are currently looking for athletes, musicians/bands, and social media influencers to help spread the word on Pono Kai Beachwear.

Criteria for Applying:

1. Follow us on Social Media. Have you visited our Facebook page, liked and followed us? Do you follow us on Instagram? Have you checked out our boards on Pinterest? 

2. Have you purchased any of our products and tried them? It's pretty difficult to tell others you know how great our brand is if you haven't tried it for yourself. Here's a one-time discount code of 25% off that you can use at check out-"PONO-SPONSOR".

3. Tag us. If you're already following us and made a purchase, sport our products and tag us in your uploaded photos/videos with the hashtag #ponokaibeachwear.

4. Submit an application. Please include the following details:

- Social Media URL's (FB, IG, Pinterest, YouTube channel)

- Tell us why you would make a great sponsor for our brand

Upon receipt of your application, we will review your submission and notify you via email if you've been accepted. Benefits of sponsorship may include the following perks:

- Free Merchandise

- Custom discount code for your friends and family to use at checkout and you'll get a 10% commission on each order

- Featured on our website as one of our official brand sponsors